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ERA 2012 Citation Provider

The ARC has announced that Elsevier’s SciVerse Scopus will provide citation information for the ERA 2012 evaluation.

Publication tagging

For a journal article to be eligible for citation analysis during the ERA 2012 evaluation, it must be submitted with a Scopus electronic identifier (EID).  Institutions are required to submit details of articles that meet all of the following criteria to the SciVerse Scopus ERA 2012 EID Tagging Web Portal:

  • Articles the institution intends to assign to field of research codes (FoRs) subject to citation analysis (as shown in the ERA 2012 Discipline Matrix)
  • Articles published in journals included in the ERA 2012 Journal List
  • Articles that meet the eligibility criteria in the ERA 2012 Submission Guidelines, including that they were published during the ERA 2012 reference period (1 January 2005 – 31 December 2010)

SciVerse Scopus will provide the EID tagging service for ERA 2012 between 1 November 2011 and 17 January 2012.
Scopus is liaising directly with institutions regarding tagging arrangements.

The Scopus EID Tagging Web Portal provides more detailed information about publication tagging for ERA 2012.

Content Last Modified: 26/10/11