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Examples of Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) funding in 2011 - Queensland

LIEF funding totalling $4 580 000covering 13 projects

Professor Prasad Yarlagadda
Queensland University of Technology (07 3138 2361)
Integrated command and control facility for large-scale critical infrastructure management (LE110100023)
Summary: This is a test bed facility for achieving sustainable operation of Australia's critical infrastructure, particularly at airports. The facility will enable an integrated and coordinated strategy to increase operational resilience while not losing sight of the complex nature and dynamic requirements of critical infrastructure management.
ARC funding: $500 000

Professor Judith Clements
Queensland University of Technology (07 3138 2361)
Comprehensive cell imaging facility (LE110100172)

Summary: This facility will provide Australian biological science researchers with equipment for in-depth analyses of cell function in vitro and in vivo. It will enable innovative research targeted at important questions in fields including cancer, immunology, stem cell biology, infectious disease and tissue regeneration.
ARC funding: $330 000

Professor David Carter
The University of Queensland (07 3365 1120)
Digital humanities practice in Australian literary studies: data development, structural enhancement and open access innovation—AustLit phase 4 (LE110100198)
Summary: AustLit is a comprehensive digital resource providing quality, searchable information for researchers, teachers, students and the general public in the broadly defined areas of Australian literature and print culture. This new phase of the database will support enhanced content creation and research capacity and will allow AustLit to change to a completely open access platform.
ARC funding: $600 000

Content Last Modified: 01/12/10

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