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You are here: Examples of new Discovery Projects in 2011 - Western Australia

Examples of new Discovery Projects in 2011 - Western Australia

Discovery Projects totalling $20 019 963 covering 60 projects

The University of Western Australia (Contact: 08 6488 2806)
Three dimensional (3D) optical coherence tomography in cancer (DP110104789)
Summary: This project will establish for the first time how well 3D optical coherence tomography, a form of medical imaging, can image cancer. Based on this, a version built into a needle will be developed which will enable extension much deeper into tissues than previously possible to image cancer and to guide related surgical procedures.
Chief Investigator: Professor David Sampson
ARC funding: $680 000 over 3 years

The University of Western Australia (Contact: 08 6488 2806)
Mobilising remote Aboriginal art centre records for art history (DP110104509)
Summary: This project will use the archives of remote Aboriginal art centres to promote Aboriginal artists. For a long time their work has been thought of overseas as primitive, or of ethnographic interest. By examining the innovations of the work of Aboriginal artists, this project will demonstrate that these are contemporary artists of global quality.
Chief Investigator: Professor Ian A McLean
ARC funding: $113 000 over 2 years

Curtin University of Technology (Contact: 08 9266 3353)
Disability in rural Australia (DP110102719)
Summary: In rural Australia 21.2 per cent of the population has a disability while in remote areas the number is 22.1 per cent yet rural disabled people are rarely heard in policy debates. This study, mapping the experiences of disabled people in non-metropolitan Australia is consequently of critical importance to government and disability advocacy groups.
Chief Investigator: Professor Barbara Pini
ARC funding: $180 884 over 3 years

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