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Summary of Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development 2011 funding


The University of Western Sydney (Contact: 02 9678 7084)
The passion, power, and politics of Aboriginal Art: established artists and emerging NSW women artists' perceptions and representational bias in collections (DI110100042)
Summary: This project will conduct an in-depth analysis of the perspectives of established artists and emerging NSW Aboriginal women artists about the passion, power and politics of Aboriginal art and test the extent of collection bias of NSW artists' works. This will make a major contribution to understandings of Aboriginal women's perspectives and contributions.
Chief Investigator: Ms Bronwyn Bancroft
ARC funding: $115 163 over 2 years

The Australian National University (Contact: 02 6125 6125)
 Tracking the response of the Australian climate to abrupt climate change (DI110100019)
Summary: This project will use cutting-edge climate proxy analyses to reconstruct the response of the Australian climate system to global climate change over the last 2,000 years. The results will provide significant insight into how future global climate change will impact on social, biological and physical systems in Australia.
Chief Investigator: Dr Michael-Shawn Fletcher
ARC funding: $199 742 over 2 years

The University of Newcastle (Contact: 02 4921 5061)
 Indigenous Research Higher Degree candidature in Australian universities: exploring identity at the cultural interface (DI110100020 )
Summary: The effectiveness of existing Research Higher Degree policy and outcomes for Indigenous research students is limited by the lack of substantive and in-depth analysis of the Indigenous research cohort. This project provides a much needed evidence-base to assist all stakeholders to improve educational equity, cohesion and successful participation.
Chief Investigator: Dr Kathleen Butler
ARC funding: $150 225 over 3 years

The University of Western Sydney (Contact: 02 9678 7084)
Measurement matters: analysis of potential methodological and discrimination biases in assessments of medication treatments for ADHD, and stakeholder views (DI110100034 )
Summary: This research aims to identify multiple stakeholders' views of the nature of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and test if discrimination and survey wording result in bias when assessing the impact of medical treatments. This will result in understandings of discrimination and measurement bias; multiple stakeholders' perceptions; and better methodology in research.
Chief Investigator: Mr Anthony Dillon
ARC funding: $300 401 over 2 years

James Cook University (Contact: 07 4781 4822)
A whole-of-community approach to promoting engagement into education in a discrete Indigenous community: a mixed method study (DI110100011)
Summary: This research will develop a whole-of-community approach to engage Indigenous learners with education and provide evidence of a model that works. Developed in one community, the model will contribute policy-relevant knowledge for improving Indigenous educational outcomes and meeting the Commonwealth Government's Closing the Gap targets.
Chief Investigator: Dr Roxanne Bainbridge
ARC funding: $199 445 over 2 years

The University of Newcastle (Contact: 02 4921 5061)
Land, children and politics: Native America and Aboriginal Australia 19001930 (DI110100005)
Summary: This significant study will explore the comparative social experiences of oppression that Native American and Aboriginal Australia endured during the early decades of the twentieth century. The project offers new ways to enhance Indigenous history and move forward for the benefit of the national and global community.
Chief Investigator: Prof John Maynard
ARC funding: $376 221 over 3 years

The University of South Australia (Contact: 08 8302 0966)
Indigenous knowledge: water sustainability and wild fire mitigation (DI110100028)
Summary: Sustainable management of the environment in Australia is currently informed by science. This project will create a space for cross-cultural translation between indigenous knowledge on environmental management practices and mainstream science practices.
Chief Investigator: Mr Lewis O'Brien
ARC funding: $198 824 over 3 years

The University of Adelaide (Contact: 08 8303 7511)
Intersectoral collaboration and capacity building for better outcomes for Aboriginal people in Port Augusta (DI110100037)
Summary: This project will contribute to improved outcomes in governance, inclusion and intersectoral collaboration within organisations and institutions in Port Augusta, South Australia in order that they can better address the social determinants of health as they affect Aboriginal people.
Chief Investigator: A/Prof Jennifer Baker
ARC funding: $105 756 over 2 years

Curtin University of Technology (Contact: 08 9266 3353)
Nyungar Boodjera Wangkiny: the people's land is speaking: Nyungar place nomenclature of the southwest of Western Australia (DI110100010)
Summary: This project identifies geographical names of places in the southwest of Western Australia. Multiple media will be used to tell the unique story of the meanings of the Nyungar place names and a collection of 14 maps covering the southwest of Western Australia, based on their regional areas as defined by their linguistic practices, will be created.
Chief Investigator: Mr Len Collard
ARC funding: $399 982 over 3 years

Content Last Modified: 25/10/10

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