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Summary of Discovery Projects 2011 funding

  • Total ARC funding for Discovery Projects in this round is $318,162,472.
  • Total number of successful projects is 931.
  • 595 projects foreshadowed 1178 instances of international collaboration with researchers in 72 countries. The majority of collaborations will take place with the United States (264 instances).
  • The success rate of Early-Career Researcher (five years or less from completion of their PhD) participants is 19.8 per cent.
  • Female and male participants have equivalent success rates.
  • The overall success rate across the five discipline panels was 22 per cent.
  • 193 Fellowships are being awarded, representing an ARC salary and salary-related on-costs support commitment for new fellows of over $16.3 million for the calendar year 2011.

Funding by ARC discipline panel:

Indicative funds over project life ($)
Success rate (%)
Biological Sciences and Biotechnology 83,112,976 23.1
Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics 63,505,991 21.8
Humanities and Creative Arts 36,003,971 23.4
Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences 82,243,561 22.4
Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences 53,295,973 19.8

Projects in the ARC discipline panel Biological Sciences and Biotechnology will receive the highest funding at $83,112,976.

Projects in National Research Priority areas:

Indicative funds over project life ($)
Number of projects
An Environmentally Sustainable Australia 55,333,581 162
Promoting and Maintaining Good Health 71,506,001 213
Frontier Technologies for Building and Transforming Australian Industries 134,204,550 367
Safeguarding Australia 30,325,690 100
Total National Research Priority 291,369,822 842

90.44 per cent of successful Discovery Projects proposals are considered by the applicants to lie in the National Research Priority areas.

State/Territory outcomes

Indicative funds over project life ($)
Success rate (%)
New South Wales 100,047,665 20.61
Victoria 91,530,107 24.20
Queensland 49,745,267 22.54
Australian Capital Territory 35,345,496 28.66
Western Australia 20,019,963 17.54
South Australia 17,422,974 18.97
Tasmania 4,051,000 18.75
Northern Territory 0 0.00
Content Last Modified: 25/10/10

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